• iRestore First Responder App

    Licensed by Unitil

    First responders instantly report

    electric or gas damage to Unitil


    Free for first responders (firefighters & police officers)

    in Unitil territory (NH & MA) to download and use.

  • What It's For

    iRestore First Responder is a smartphone and tablet app for community first responders in Unitil’s

    electric service territory to provide additional information and situational awareness to a reported electrical hazard.

    Call Unitil

    Upon discovery, immediately notify Unitil of the electrical hazard via phone call.

    Select Damage

    Select electrical damage

    type in the app.

    Take a Picture

    Take 1 or 2 photos

    of the damage.

    Verify & Submit

    Geo-locate damage report;

    verify & submit.

  • Get The App

    • Check with your department to confirm that you have been pre-registered with Unitil
    • Download the app (click below)
    • Sign up and create your profile - Instructions & FAQ

    iRestore First Responder App for iPhone
    iRestore First Responder App for Android Smartphones
  • First Responder

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  • Contact Us

    Email Unitil for more information on the First Responder App